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Australia Trip Plan

Genel @ 12 Eyl├╝l 2012 - 3:40

You may find an example trip plan to Australia below. Me and a friend of mine were prepared it as a homework but it could guide everyone who has responsibility for doing the similar one.

I wish it was real. Unfortunately, it wasn’t…

This plan includes:

  • Two ways tickets between San Francisco and Sydney
  • Visiting┬áthree cities (Sydney, Malbourne and Canberra) and one big national park (Alpine)
  • Staying at 5 stars hotels
  • Renting BMW X6 to travel around the Australia
  • Rafting, climbing, fishing, hiking, horse and camel riding.
  • Guided tours, shows, art galleries, museums, historical places, zoo, shopping and sunbathing!

These applications were used to prepare it: Corel Photoimpact, Microsoft Publisher

Think of a number

Genel @ 20 Mart 2012 - 4:45

One of the bestsellers is “Think of a number” from John Verdon nowadays. It is such a good story but reading this book is not much exciting.

Actually, I had been reading it for a long time. I have just finished it. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t enjoy a lot. At the end of the book is more interesting than first chapters. The┬ábeginning┬áis little bit slow but then you could find yourself in the┬áfascinating story.

My motto for reading books: “Don’t give up, give a chance to the author“. It worked for┬á“Think of a number”!

How Google earned USD 37.9 Billion in 2011?

Genel @ 02 ┼×ubat 2012 - 4:25

USD 37.9 Billion in a year! The most interesting thing is┬á%96 of the revenue comes from Adwords. That’s why we see advertisements on whole Googles services like Gmail, Search, Documents etc.
Check this infographic out:

How to synchronize Google Calendar and Outlook?

Genel @ 25 Ocak 2012 - 2:32

If you want to sync Google Calendar and Outlook, Google Calendar Sync tool is all you need. There are 2-way and 1-way synchronizing alternatives. Try it:


If you have Google Apps for Business (I mean you pay for the service), you can also use an excellent tool that name is Google Apps Sync for Outlook. It provides mail, calendar, contact, free/busy data syncronization capability.


Lastly, if you bored of Outlook (How can it be possible?) and want to move whole data to Google Apps, Migration Tool is for you:


Amerika’dan T├╝rkiye’ye kargo g├Ândermek?

Genel @ 27 Kas─▒m 2011 - 11:18

Bug├╝nlerde ├žok ara┼čt─▒rmam gereken bir konuydu :) Neler g├Ânderilebilir? Ne kadarl─▒k ├╝r├╝nler g├Ânderilebilir?┬áNihayet do─čru ve ayr─▒nt─▒l─▒ bilgiye ula┼čabildim. ├ľzetle:

  • Toplam de─čeri 75 avrodan d├╝┼č├╝k olan ├╝r├╝nleri (cep telefonu, kozmetik ├╝r├╝nleri, sporcu g─▒dalar─▒ hari├ž) T├╝rkiye’ye vergiden muaf olarak g├Ânderebilirsiniz. Bu ├╝r├╝n├╝n a─č─▒rl─▒─č─▒ 30 kilogramdan y├╝ksek olmamal─▒.
  • Toplam de─čeri 75 avrodan y├╝ksek olan ├╝r├╝nlerde ise G├╝mr├╝k’de ek vergi konuluyor. B├Âylece T├╝rkiye’deki┬áile ayn─▒ fiyata geliyor.
  • Vergi muafiyetinden y─▒lda en fazla 5 kez yararlanabilirsiniz.

E─čer yurtd─▒┼č─▒ndan kendiniz geliyorsan─▒z ve beraberinizde ├╝r├╝n getirmek istiyorsan─▒z:

  • Toplam de─čeri 430 avroyu ge├žmeyen ├╝r├╝nleri vergiden muaf olarak beraberinizde getirebilirsiniz.
  • Toplam de─čeri 430 avrodan y├╝ksek olan ├╝r├╝nlerde ise G├╝mr├╝k’de ek vergi konuluyor.
  • Cep telefonu getirmek konusunda ayr─▒ca bir k─▒s─▒tlama daha var: 2 y─▒lda 1 kez telefon getirme hakk─▒n─▒z var :(

Ayr─▒nt─▒l─▒ bilgi i├žin G├╝mr├╝k ve Ticaret Bakanl─▒─č─▒’n─▒n sitesini inceleyebilirsiniz:

Ayr─▒ca; G├╝mr├╝k ile ilgili konulara odaklanan yararl─▒ bir forum:


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